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10 Useful & Fun HTML5 Mobile Apps

With a combined app count that exceeds about 400,000 in the app stores of Apple & Android, why would anyone want to use mobile web apps? Openness and a level playground are the two things that keep web developers going.

It might be in its infancy, but HTML5 is the next 500 pound Guerrilla and much more as far as Internet is concerned. With features like plugin-less video playback, offline storage, geo location etc., HTML5 is on the verge of giving walled gardens like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Cocoa a good run for their money. After the jump, we have compiled a list of HTML5 web apps developed for accessing from your smartphones.

1. Canvas

Canvas is a simple drawing application that allows you to quickly sketch ideas and create drawings. The available drawing area will automatically resize to fit whatever screen size of device you are using, making it ideal for Android devices. Though a bit light on the features available, the web app can come handy for drawing a quick flash of idea. The sketches can be saved as image files.

Platform: iOS & Android


2. Google Voice

Google Voice is a revamping of the GrandCentral service that Google acquired in 2007. It aims at allowing users to manage their communication channels better, through Unified Communications. Google have reworked the service that GrandCentral once offered, with many improvements and features.

Google Voice gives you a local phone number, of your choice, which can call up to six phones simultaneously. These can be your office phone, mobile phone, mobile phone, SIP phone etc. The cost of international calls in among the most competitive. Google Voice has also added more features, like voice to text transcription of voicemails and call recording, among others.

Platform: iOS & Android

Google Voice

3. Pocket Market

PocketMarket web app allows you to keep track of the latest prices for the most common commodities traded on NYMEX. Commodity price charts are also displayed throughout the duration of the current trading day.

Platform: iOS

Pocket Market

4. 2B

With a background that mimics that of a ruled note book, 2B lets your iPhone double as an impromptu scribble pad. Using your finger as an imaginary 2B pencil, you can sketch, scribble or jot in portrait or landscape mode.

Platform: iOS


5. iFirt 3

An application that is for the socially challenged! The app provides hundreds of great pick up lines guaranteed to help you flirt with the ladies. There is also an option to email the lines to help out a friend in need too.

Platform: iOS & Android


6. Stripr

For comics strip lovers, this web app brings them from hundreds of destinations. The beauty is you can download them when you have access to Internet and read them from the app when you are offline.

Platform: iOS


7. MotionFrame Flare

MotionFrame Flare is a simple animation application which after installing to the homescreen and launched starts a powerful full- screen motion of a flare which responds to the motion of the finger.

Platform: iOS

MotionFrame Flare

8. KingdomGame

A browser based online in a real time ongoing strategy game that pits you against thousands of other players. Build your kingdom & fight wars till you are the ultimate ruler of the world.

Platform: iOS


9. Fillit

Fillit is a simple game to kill time. The objective is to fill up the 50% of the screen with the filler ball. To create a filler ball, tap the screen. It will grow until you release the screen, it hits another filler ball, or a bouncing ball runs into it.

Platform: iOS


10. Color Mail

Color Mail is a fun web app with which you can create a color styled email template and then you can use it directly in your iOS Mail app to send a colorful email to your friends. Plenty of templates are available in multiple categories.

Platform: iOS

Color Mail

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