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Best 10 HTML5 Templates for Website Design

HTML5 Website Templates are the way of the future. With Apple products not supporting flash by default, a lot of websites out there may lose potential sales or site visitors when they run the risk of useing any Flash on their site. Fortunately, HTML5 is supported on all mobile devices, tablets, and looks great on any computer screen. And HTML5 offers much more flexibility to web developers.

If you are not expert in coding professional templates or you want to learn coding your own templates using HTML5, you can use some HTML5 website templates available online.

1. SmartStart – Responsive HTML5 Template

SmartStart was a single-server deployment tool that simplified HP ProLiant G7 server (and earlier) setup, providing a repeatable way to deploy consistent configurations. It was included in the HP Insight Foundation suite for ProLiant. Insight Foundation suite and SmartStart products are end-of-life (EOL) and the last servers they ship with are ProLiant G7 servers. ProLiant Gen8 servers and beyond use Intelligent Provisioning which is initiated by pressing during the server boot (POST) process. There is no media kit (CDs) included with ProLiant Gen8 servers and Gen8 BladeSystems.

SmartStart HTML5 Templates

2. Minimalism HTML5 and CSS3 Template (Free)

Minimalism is an HTML5 and CSS3 template that is minimal and beautiful in its simplicity. Combines multiple-column groupings and newspaper style column.

Minimalism HTML5 Template

3. Simplex – Responsive HTML5 Template

Clean, responsive and simple would be the perfect words to describe Simplex HTML5 template. Simplex has been designed with mobile devices in consideration and is well suited for studios and digital agencies. The template will adjust its size automatically on different devices, ensuring a nice experience for every visitor.

Simplex HTML5 Template

4. Basix – Premium HTML5 Template

This theme is easy to customize and use. Basix is a minimal HTML 5 template that is full of features like unlimited colors, jQuery, 960 grid system and working contact form. The portfolio section is filtered using Isotope. In addition, this theme is also well documented, with a lot of shortcodes and features for creating your own pages.

Basic HTML5 Template

5. Moderna Responsive HTML5 Template

Moderna is responsive and clean HTML template which is suited for both professional business sites and creative personal portfolio. Moderna comes with two skins – boxed and stretched of which every has ten color styles. Boxed version comes with 15 patterns, to give you countless options in organizing and managing your contents. With its responsive design, you don’t need to worry anymore about how your page will look on smartphone or iPad, or smaller resolutions. Moderna is fully responsive, and we will show you how to use it’s responsive features in the following sections. 

Moderna HTML5 Template

6. Royale’ Creative HTML5 Template

Royale’ is the creative template that will bring out the best in your photography or videos, and the complete set of page templates will give you the possibility to present your brand and work in a refined and professional way. When creating Royale’, we made sure we didn’t miss any details, so we created a perfect balance between design, usability and interactivity. With its sleek and elegant design powered by jQuery and HTML5, Royale’ will make your portfolio stand out from the crowd.

Royale Creative HTML5 Template

7. Meditation – HTML5 Template

Meditation HTML5 Template is an awesome clean & simple HTML5 template which could be suitable for almost all kinds of business .You can use it as Business template, Your personal portfolio or even a Blog. It’s comes with valid HTML 5 well written code, working contact form, google maps and much more.

Meditation HTML5 Template

8. Agora HTML5 Template

Agora HTML5 Template is a nice HTML5 template that is ideal for showcasing fashion, studios and creative. It can be customized easily with 13 pages and powerful full screen gallery that can showcase big sized works on the homepage directly. The customization process can be enhanced by the Serif and Sans Serif styles that are included with the template. In addition, the themes is mobile friendly.

Agora HTML5 Template

9. Chromatron HTML5 Admin Backend

Chromatron is a simple and professional HTML5 template for your backend administration or user interface, both for desktop and mobile. Built on latest Twitter Bootstrap and powered with LESS, Chromatron will save you hours in developing your project. Template is available in 4 default colors and packed with basic and popular user interface elements and widgets.

Chromatron HTML5 Template

10. Manifest – Premium HTML5 Template

Manifest is a HTML5 template that is very flexible and clean. It has a minimalist and modern design that is ideal for galleries, creative blogs, portfolios and other types of websites. The package includes 6 predefined skins to customize your website easily.


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