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Best 6 HTML5 Mobile Games

HTML5 is quickly turning into a great game development platform. The browser platforms have begun to mature and coalesce in regards to the technologies required for these games, the quantity of HTML5 games on app stores and social networks is increasing every day, large game studios are beginning to take interest, and the general quality of the games are improving at a noticeable rate. Here are 6 that we think you should try. If you're a developer, these are the games you'll want to emulate or iterate on. 

1. A Grain of Truth

A Grain of Truth, made by the Rudowscy Brothers from Poland, is a marvellous point-and-click adventure game with beautiful, handmade graphics and deep gameplay. Help a young traveller in the world of The Old Tree that Sleeps find the Wiseman – a man as old as the time itself, who knows all the stories in the world. Based on jQuery with a UI made with DOM, A Grain of Truth shows that great games don't need to be technically complex.

A Grain of Truth

2. Angry Birds

For those who’ve been living under a rock, Angry Birds is a physics-based game in which you fling particularly frustrated birds at buildings and pigs. The idea is to destroy as much of the buildings as possible while still killing all the nasty pigs. Originally an iOS game, the HTML5 port arrived last year as a promotion for the Chrome Web Store and the WebGL technology. The game uses WebGL for accelerated 2D graphics.

Angry Birds

3. D.E.M.O.

Will Eastcott and Dave Evans never wanted to create a game. Their goal was to finally create tools for HTML5 game developers. Earlier this year they presented PlayCanvas, a browser-based, visual editor for WebGL games and apps. To prove that their project works, they created a Counter-Strike like, multiplayer third-person shooter, called D.E.M.O. They describe what is going on behind the scenes in this blog post, and they've presented the game at this year's onGameStart conference.


4. Canvas Rider

Canvas Rider is a beautifully simple game in which you control a little stickman on a bike and try to ride a course without falling off. What’s so great is that the levels are all designed and submitted by other players, you could even create you own level right now. The game uses HTML5 canvas for the graphics.

Canvas Rider

5. Sumon

What’s so interesting about Sumon isn’t its gameplay, its the fact that it uses the CocoonJS framework to automatically port the original HTML5 and JavaScript game to native Android and iOS applications. This is a promising sign as frameworks like this usually work the other way round, where you’d develop in a desktop language like C++ and port it to JavaScript. The game uses HTML5 canvas for the graphics.


6. BrowserQuest

BrowserQuest is a classic, massive multiplayer RPG game with beautiful, pixel art graphics, made by Little Workshop and Mozilla. It's all about exploration: help your young warrior, driven by the thrill of adventure, visit most dangerous places in BrowserQuest's world for the best rewards. It uses most of HTML5's features – a tile-based graphics engine that renders on Canvas, web workers for map initialisation without slowing down the UI, localStorage for saving the progress and HTML5 audio for sound support. You can read nore about the project in this blog post.


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