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Top 5 HTML5 Animation Tools

Creating fantastic HTML5 animations for your website certainly brings much advantages. You would never worry that the animation banners could not be visible on some portable devices like iPhone, iPad, or some kind of newest version of web browsers for PC. Meantime HTML5 itself provides much more conveniences and elements than the older HTML versions such as <audio>, <video>, <track>, <embed>, <output>, <canvas>, etc.

1. Adobe Edge - Create Animations in HTML5

Adobe Edge is a new web development tool from Adobe that makes it easy to create animations and interactive websites with HTML5. HTML5 tries to add the interaction and multimedia we've come to expect from the web without forcing users to download plug-ins such as Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash.

At the moment, Adobe Edge seems to run on an interface similar to Flash. The familiar timeline and other tools are situation in approximately the same places in Edge as they are in the current version of Flash. Behind the scenes, however, Edge is very different. Instead of Adobe's ActionScript format, the animations created in Edge are coded in JSON. So rather than actionscript the animation is coded in html and javascript and runs on all modern desktop browsers and most mobile browsers, such as Safari.

Adobe Edge

2. Hippo Studios - Simple HTML5 Animation Software

Hippo Studios' Animator provides a quick and simple way to create HTML5 animation. Despite a few rough edges, the animator software delivers when it comes to making great-looking animations in a simple manner.

Like several of the other animators such as Adobe Edge and Tumult Hype, the Hippo Animator uses the timeline approach where elements and components are placed in frames that can be converted into a movie that creates the animation. Tools found in the software allow the components to be edited, positioned and effects added as desired by the user. Audio in the mp3 format can be easily added to the timeline to give a polished finish to the animation.

Hippo Animator can develop animated content that can be exported to HTML5 that will function in all the major browsers that include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera. The mobile devices that it works on include the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Hippo Animator is a worthy contender as one of the better HTML5 animator programs.

Hippo Studios Animations

3. MotionComposer - Mac App to Create HTML5 Animation

MotionComposer is a Mac application that lets developers more easily create website animations that can run simultaneously on both Flash-oriented desktop browsers and iOS devices that run HTML5. This consists of a main working area- the Main Edition View- for assembling elements (components) of the animation, including text, images and rectangular shapes, and an Inspector panel for editing their properties. An image manager tracks how many instances of an imported image are used in the document and can also be used to automatically replace or apply a non-destructive crop to any of the assets. Animation is powered by a graphical timeline - the Slide List- where each slide is a stage in the animation. 


4. Mugeda - A Cloud-based Platform to Create HTML5 Media Contents

As most are hooray for the success of HTML 5 camp, some concerned that the difficulty in producing HTML 5 animation. Usually, creating a simple Flash requires one designer plus couple hours. Now with HTML 5, it requires one designer one programmer and couple days of work. Efficiency seems to be the major problem confronting HTML animation production, regardless of its exciting features.

Mugeda is a cloud-based platform to create and deploy HTML5 rich media mobile ads contents. With Mugeda, designers can either create rich media ads for mobile in a professional online IDE, or simply choose from a template library to have full animated and interactive rich media ads in minutes. The created rich media ads are organic HTML5 contents and are supported by virtual any HTML5 devices.


5. HTML5 Slideshow Maker - Create HTML5 Animations with Code Generated

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HTML5 Slideshow Maker

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