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How to Add HTML5 Slideshow in Blogger

Many Blogger users want to add HTML5 slideshows in Blogger, but they don't how to do it. In fact, adding HTML5 slideshow into Blogger doesn't require tech skills. This tutorial will share with you an easy and effective way to embed an HTML5 slideshow in Blogger post. You do not need to use any Blogger slideshow widget to use our method to embed your HTML5 slideshows into Blogger.

To add an HTML5 slideshow in Blogger, you will first need to make an HTML5 slideshow with HTML5 Slideshow Maker and then upload the HTML5 slideshow to Go2Album when publishing your HTML5 slideshow with HTML5 Slideshow Maker. For more information on making an HTML5 slideshow and upload an HTML5 slideshow to Go2Album, click here.

After upload your HTML5 slideshow to Go2Album, you can start the steps for embedding the HTML5 slideshow into Blogger post. Below are the steps that you should take.

Part 1: Get the embedding codes

Login your Go2Album account, click "My Album", then you will see all the photo slideshows you uploaded.

HTML5 Codes of the HTML5 Photo Slideshow

Click the thumbnail of the HTML5 slideshow which you want to add it to your Blogger. Then a new browser window will open and it will display the HTML5 slideshow you just choose.

HTML5 Codes of the HTML5 Photo Slideshow

On the left of your HTML5 slideshow, there is a tab named "Embed...". Click the "Embed..." tab, then the hide information about your HTML5 slideshow will show.

HTML5 Codes of the HTML5 Photo Slideshow

With only one click on the codes under "Embed:", you can select all the embedding codes for your HTML5 slideshow, copy these codes, you will need to paste these codes to your Blogger later.

Part 2: Insert the embedding codes in Blogger

Login your Blogger account and create a new post, then click "HTML" button to activate the HTML editor.

HTML5 Codes of the HTML5 Photo Slideshow

Paste the embedding codes of your HTML5 slideshow into the html editor.

HTML5 Codes of the HTML5 Photo Slideshow

Click the "Publish" button to publish your HTML5 slideshow in Blogger post, then your Blogger post with HTML5 slideshow in it is ready for viewing. To know whether your HTML5 slideshow was successfully embedded into your Blogger post or not, you just need to click the button "View blog", and then you can know it by your own eyes.