HTML5 Slideshow Maker

How to Make HTML5 Slideshow for Free

Though you may know the websites for free making HTML5 slideshows, yet you may still prefer using an HTML5 app to free make HTML5 slideshows. As to HTML5 software for free making HTML5 slideshows, you may also have heard some. However, no matter how perfect the other free HTML5 slideshow software claims they are, here just recommend HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free.

HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free interface

HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free is the free version of HTML5 Slideshow Maker. It can free make HTML5 slideshows, HTML5 banners, HTML5 galleries, and HTML5 intros for websites and blogs. You can get this free HTML5 software from the download buttons below.

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Features of HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free

Easy, Free, and Nice

Easy: The whole workflow of HML5 Slideshow Maker Free is similar to other photo slideshow makers. The whole HTML5 slideshow making process is divided into 3 major steps. Users can proceed the HTML5 slideshow making process step by step by just clicking the mouse.

Free: It's 100% free to download and use HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free to make HTML5 slideshows. You are free to share your own HTML5 slideshows with others.

Nice: The interface is compact, no need to find the buttons and tabs for adding photos, removing photos, set transition effects, add hyperlinks, choose HTML5 slideshow template, publish HTML5 slideshows etc. All the settings came into your eyes once you open HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free.

Steps for Making HTML5 Slideshows for Free

Step 1. Add your own photos to HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free

Before adding your own photos to HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free, you may want to remove the pre-added photos. To remove those photos, you just need to click "Remove All" button.

To add your own photos to HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free, the quickest way is to click the button "Add", then a window will open, you can browse your photos in that window. Using "Shift" and "Ctrl" will help you select more than one photo in that window. After selecting your photos, you just need to click the button "Open" in that window to import the photos you select to HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free.

How to get the HTML5 slideshow codes

After adding your photos to HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free, you can click the tabs "Transition Effect" and "Properties" to set transition effects, hyperlinks, and texts to your HTML5 slideshow.

Step 2. Choose an HTML5 slideshow template for your HTML5 slideshow

Thought HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free is freeware, it provides lots of cool HTML5 slideshow templates. Click the tab "Theme", then you can see all the free HTML5 slideshow templates. Choose a free HTML5 slideshow template by clicking on its thumbnail and then set your HTML5 slideshow size in the right panel.

Step 3. Export your HTML5 slideshow

When all the settings for your HTML5 slideshow are done, you can click tab "Publish" to export your HTML5 slideshow. You will see two output options in the Publish interface. If you plan to share your HTML5 slideshow on blogs, choose the second option, then click the "Publish Now!" button. But if you want to embed your HTML5 slideshow to your own web site, you'd better choose the first option and then click the "Publish Now!" button. That's the whore process for making HTML5 slideshow for free. HTML5 Slideshow Maker Free will give a link or a message to let you view your HTML5 slideshow. To know more about HTML5 slideshow, please go Sitemap.