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How to Make HTML5 Photo Gallery with Thumbnails

Want to make some HTML5 photo galleries with thumbnails for your website and blog? This HTML5 photo gallery tutorial will show you how. By following this HTML5 photo gallery tutorial, you can easily and quickly make an HTML5 photo gallery without writing any HTML5 photo gallery codes, the user-friendly HTML5 photo gallery software named HTML5 Slideshow Maker will take care everything for you. To free get the HTML5 photo gallery software, please click here.

The HTML5 photo gallery software HTML5 Slideshow Maker can produce different styles of HTML5 photo galleries. Here are screenshots of some html5 photo gallery examples.

  • Thumbnail with Number

    Thumbnail with number

  • Play List 2

    Bottom Thumbnail

  • Right List 1


  • Right List 2


The HTML5 photo gallery produced by the HTML5 photo gallery software HTML5 Slideshow Maker can run on mobile devices and PC. So if you use HTML5 Slideshow Maker to make your photo galleries, you can view it not only on your PC, but also on mobile photos and tablets.

Start making photo galleries with thumbnails

>> Free get HTML5 photo gallery software.

Step 1. Run the HTML5 photo gallery software

HTML5 Slideshow Maker has free versions and full versions. You can use the free version or free try the full version to make your HTML5 photo galleries.

Step 2. Add photos to the HTML5 photo gallery software

Windows version: click "Remove All" to remove the default photos > explore the photos with the middle panels > click "Add".

Mac version: If you have trouble adding photos, refer to How to Add Photos to HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac.

If you would like to set special transition effects and add hyperlinks, descriptions to your HTML5 photo gallery, you can click the tab "Transition Effect" and "Properties" to set them.

Step 3. Choose HTML5 photo gallery template

Click "Theme", which means the HTML5 photo gallery templates > choose the HTML5 photo gallery template you like > set your HTML5 photo gallery size on the right panel > go on other settings for customizing your HTML5 photo gallery.

Note: Most of the HTML5 photo gallery templates in HTML5 Slideshow Maker has thumbnails, but not all of them.

how to edit photo

Step 4. Publish HTML5 photo gallery

Click "Publish" > choose output options for your HTML5 photo gallery > take the output settings > click "Publish Now!".

how to edit photo

After you click "Publish Now!", the HTML5 photo gallery software HTML5 Slideshow Maker will produce the gallery files for you. When it finishes producing the files, a pop-up window will open, shown as below.

how to edit photo

You can choose to view your HTML5 photo gallery, open the gallery files, and upload to internet in this pop-up window. The next thing after making an HTML5 photo gallery is to put your HTML5 photo gallery on your website or blogs, we have some tutorials about it. The links of the tutorials are here.