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Welcome to HTML5 Slideshow Maker Support Center. HTML5 Slideshow Maker offers you the best solutions for making HTML5 photo slideshows compatible with all browsers and devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between the free version and the full version of HTML5 Slideshow Maker?
To let you have a better experience with HTML5 Slideshow Maker before buying the HTML5 applications, we offer free Mac and free Windows versions of HTML5 Slideshow Maker, which has no functional limits, only with small texts "Powered by HTML5 Slideshow Maker" on every photo slide and a credit message at the end of the photo slideshow. You can use the free versions to make photo slideshows for your websites.

You can order the full version of our HTML5 applications and make photo slideshows on Windows and Mac. Ads and credit message will be removed in the photo slideshows powered by the full version.

2. How to order HTML5 Slideshow Maker?
If you want to get the full Mac or Windows version of HTML5 Slideshow Maker to create HTML5 photo slideshows, please click here.

3. How can I get the HTML5 apps and the license key after ordering?
You can get any version of HTML5 Slideshow Maker from here. Among the four versions of HTML5 Slideshow Maker, only the full Windows version needs a license to activate. You can receive a confirmation email with the license key for registering the full Windows version after you purchase it.

4. I have not received any thing yet since I ordered the HTML5 app hours ago. Why?
You can get the full Mac version of HTML5 Slideshow Maker from App Store once you purchase it. And you can download the full Windows version of HTML5 Slideshow Maker program from our website first, and wait for the license to your full Windows HTML5 app.

If you place the order with PayPro e-commerce platform, it may take several minutes to several hours to have the confirmation email with the license key delivered to your inbox. If you place the order with PayPal, it may take one day or longer time to have the confirmation email delivered. Please be patient. Another possibility is that the automatic conformation email was blocked as spam. In this case, please contact us with your order information to request the license key.

5. What if I lost the HTML5 application and the license key?
The full version of HTML5 Slideshow Maker for Mac do not need a license to activate, and you can get this Mac HTML5 app from App Store. For full Windows HTML5 app users, you can download the full Windows version of HTML5 Slideshow Maker  from our website at any time and get your license key by contacting us. Please tell us the email which you use to order Photo Slideshow Maker or the order number when you emailing us for the license key.

6. How to update the HTML5 application to the latest version? Is it free?
All updates are free. You can update your HTML5 app whenever there is a new version available. To check whether you are running the latest version or not, please click the Help menu, and the click Check for New Versions.

You should close your HTML5 app while you are updating it. It's highly suggested to install the new version to the same directory as the old version. If not, after the upgrade installation, you'll need to register the program again by using the same license key as the old one.

7. How to make HTML5 photo slideshows with HTML5 Slideshow Maker?
HTML5 Slideshow Maker is an easy-to-use program, its workflaw is simple and clear enough for newbies to successfully make an HTML5 photo slideshow with. View tutorial on how to make an HTML5 photo slideshow with HTML5 Slideshow Maker.

8. How to embed an HTML5 photo slideshow to website?
We have a tutorial on how to embed an HTML5 photo slideshow to website. If you still have problem on embedding HTML5 photo slideshow to your website after learning from the tutorial, please contact us and send us the link to your web page which you embed your HTML5 photo slideshow on.

Contact Us For More Support

1. Suggestions for HTML5 Slideshow Maker: If you have any suggestions for making HTML5 Slideshow Maker to become a better and better HTML5 application, please feel free to share your brilliant ideas with us. HTML5 Slideshow Maker is a great HTML5 app, but it still need good advices to make it better.

2. Translating HTML5 Slideshow Maker into your language: You can join our efforts on perfecting this HTML5 application with your native language then get reward for that. Please contact us for the details on how to translate HTML5 Slideshow Maker. Your help and contributions to other users of this HTML5 application will be highly appreciated.

3. Reporting problems and bugs: If you could not find a solution from the FAQ above, please email us you problems and we will offer you immediate help. If you find any bugs while using HTML5 Slideshow Maker, please don't hesitate to let us know. HTML5 Slideshow Maker aims at becoming the most popular photo slideshow software, so your help can make a big difference to HTML5 Slideshow Maker.