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Top 6 HTML5 Video Players

The <video> element is a long-awaited and probably one of the most talked about feature in HTML5. With this element, which is now included in latest versions of Firefox, Safari & Chrome & Opera, you can easily embed videos into web pages without any plugins. However, there comes a problem that not all of the browsers support the same codecs, e.g, some older versions of IE doesn’t support any. This is where javascript comes to aid. It sits on top of the <video> tag providing better video controls and a fallback to flash for older browsers.
Here are 6 useful HTML5 video players which allow you to easily embed video into web pages and ensure backwards compatibility.

1. Projekktor – Free HTML5 Video Player

Projekktor is a free, open source (GPL) HTML5 based video player written in JavaScript and containing Flash fallback. To install Projekktor, you’ll only need to add two line of JavaScript to your web page (and one more CSS for styling), besides you’ll be able to add and remove Projekktor whenever you want and without the need to alter your HTML at any time. Being controlled by custom scripts using its JavaScript API, Projekktor supports iPad, iPod, iPhone, IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, googleTV. It can optionally mount itself onto HTML5 <audio> and <video> tags, and, even more, has multimedia playlists which is a central part of this project.

Projekktor HTML5 Video Player

2. SublimeVideo

Sublime Video is an HTML5 video player that allows you to easily embed video on web page using HTML5 with Flash Fallback. What you’ll need is just to add a single-line-of-code to run this video player. Note that this solution supports a limited number of browsers since it’s still in experimental state. Sublime Video solution is not based on any JS library and aims to provide a high quality user experience thanks to its consistent implementation of both HTML5 and Flash user interfaces. Besides, SublimeVideo supports iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, as well as other mobile platforms. Note that it’s a player only, so you’ll have to have your own video hosting.


3. Video JS - Open Source HTML5 Video Player

VideoJS is a free, open source, skinnable, and lightweight HTML5 Video Player with three core parts, including an embed code (Video for Everybody), a JavaScript library (video.js), and a pure HTML/CSS skin (video-js.css). It allows you to embed video using HTML5 with forced fallback to Flash. Based on Video for Everybody, it adds custom video controls made of HTML that you can style anyway you please with a bit of CSS. VideoJS is a download rather than a hosted player; with browser bug fixes it has a consistent look between all major browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, IE9, and this apart is compatible with many handheld devices – iPhone, iPad, Android.

Video JS Video Player

4. FlareVideo

Flare attempts to mimic the QuickTime player offering a simple rounded player control that features a volume slider, timeline and an option to expand to fullscreen. We found some elements of the player control to be a little sluggish, especially the volume slider on default theme. We think this is because, despite being easy to theme, Flare comes with 400kb of images out of the box.

The Flare HTML5 video player is a pretty basic solution and can only fill the most rudimentary demands. That being said, it offers easy skinning, it’s free and has a few pre built themes available. We also appreciate its status as one of the few HTML5 video players that is fully open source, with no frills attached.

FlareVideo HTML5  Player

5. jMediaelement

MediaElement.js is a complete HTML5 audio and video player in pure HTML and CSS. Based on Video for Everybody it uses a custom Flash or Silverlight player that mimics the native HTML5 API for older browsers. MediaElement.js builds a fully skinnable player with features like support for the HTML5 track element, fullscreen video, and even ambilight. Additionally, it includes support for sub-titling and has plugins for WordPress, Drupal, jQuery, and BlogEngine.NET. With MediaElement.js, video controls are doing using HTML / CSS for cross-browser consistency.


6. Video for Everybody

Video for Everybody is simply a chunk of HTML (no JavaScript) embed code for HTML5, that includes a fallback to a Flash video player, as well as video download links for devices that can’t do Flash or HTML5 video. It therefore works in RSS readers (no JavaScript), on the iPhone, iPad and on many browsers and platforms. This fully-featured solution is for those who want something really simple and are unfamiliar with HTML. Video for Everybody does not use JavaScript, and because of this, it does not work on Android versions prior to 2.3. Read more about 10 HTML5 Video Players as Alternatives to Flash Player | Template Monster Blog by

HTML5 Video for Everybody


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